Portfolio preparation is a long creative journey of research, problem solving and visualization.

Kevin Bae

Drawing & Painting

Observational drawing and painting is foundation for all creative process as it becomes a cornerstone of externalizing ideas. Students will investigate a variety of drawing and painting artwork with traditional media that will strengthen their perceptual skills.

Observational Still-life, Acrylic on Canvas. Produced by Cynthia Xie.

Graphic Design

Through arranging letters, texts and images, students will attain a sensibility of juxtaposing various elements on a layout that will be developed to typography, book cover design, package design and commercial artwork.

Paper Quilling, Construction Paper. Produced by Cassandra Poon.


From fine art to commercial illustration, the spectrum of illustration has been flourishing and diversified. Students will learn how to create a transcendent level of communication through unique visual language with a variety of traditional and digital media.

War Within the Peace, Monoprint on Stonehenge. Seyeon Kim.


From linear perspective drawing to 3D model for architecture prototype, architecture portfolio demands a rigours practice in both two-dimensional work to three-dimensional structure. Students at BSAD will establish an overarching idea as thesis to develop a body of work that critically engages with sustainability, community and feasible solution.

Organic Pavilion, Mixed Media. Cassidy Ho.


Combination of life drawing skills and creative insights, animation portfolio requires an understanding of human anatomy and unique worldview. Life drawing and concise storytelling skill are essential part of animation portfolio. Due to highly competitive admission process and specific requirements from the institutions, such as Sheridan College, Seneca College or Humber College, BSAD recommend students to plan for its preparation from at least 12 months to 16 months.

Animation on Procreate. Produced by Farah Ma.

Industrial Design

Beyond making a beautiful craft, students will critically engage with problem solving with three-dimensional form that addresses historical reference from Art Nouveau to Bauhaus era for a functional, simple, and intuitive design.

Interactive Table Lamp for Kids, Mixed Media. Cassandra Poon.