BSAD is a professional portfolio workshop where students could learn and prepare a diverse range of creative practices for portfolio preparation.

Facilitated by Kevin Bae, who has been teaching at OCAD U since 2008 and reviewing portfolio for admission and National Portfolio Day, students will be exposed to a variety of art and design programs, visiting professional industries and showcasing their artwork in online platform.


Kevin Bae is currently holding lecturer position at OCAD U, 1st and 2nd year Drawing and Painting Course Leader in the Illustration Program, Faculty of Design.

He was raised in Seoul, South Korea, studied fine art and graphic design at Dukwon art high school. Immigrating to Toronto in 2001, he started pursuing figurative traditions at Mississauga Valley School of Art. Advanced to OCAD University, he continued developing body of works while residing a year in Florence, Italy, as an Off-Campus transfer student. In 2008, he graduated OCAD U with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, and attained a BEd in Visual Art teachable at York U in 2015.

Kevin has pursued profession as a studio instructor and demonstrator at several institutions, including Art Gallery of Ontario, OCAD U, MVSA, and public schools in Toronto. Through teaching students, he delivered didactic contents with lectures, practical demonstrations, and both group and individual critiques.

Award Winning

As a recipient of Teaching Excellence Awards (2019) at OCAD U, students will experience an inclusive and didactic learning environment at BSAD with structured curriculum and exchange of professional insights from the instructor. Kevin was also a nominee of Inspired Teaching Award at OCAD U: Excellence in Teaching First Year Students (2017), which has become a cornerstone of his pedagogy and current position at OCAD U as the course leader for the first and second year level.

Honoured by Dori Tunstall, Dean of Faculty of Design, and Caroline Lnagill, Vice President, Academic & Provost at OCAD U
Award recipient of “Excellence for Drawing” at Arts & Letters Club in 2015,
Honoured by Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Attention to
Creative Individual

Students will receive in-person instruction in the studio environment based on our curriculum that is tailored to their needs, level of skills and request.
BSAD commit to values in art education where students are encouraged to share and discuss a range of subjects with their unique perspectives and interests, strengthening their own ideas and fostering mutual understanding through the exchange. As a result, their perspectives and personalities are strengthened, developing and maturing further as they continue to pursue their academic endeavours.